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Other Gollies




xmas.jpg (12813 bytes)

1920' Christmas decoration

dancing.jpg (18092 bytes)

"Jolly dancing golly" 1920's



rattle1.jpg (8901 bytes)
Early teething ring rattle
rattle2.jpg (12008 bytes)
Brass teething ring from the turn of the century


xmaspaper.jpg (18384 bytes)
Christmas wrapping paper, tags from 1950's. Early turn of the century postcard
cards.jpg (24900 bytes)
Selection of Christmas cards  from early 1900's to 1950's
tins.jpg (16974 bytes)
Selection of tin items
music.jpg (18649 bytes)
Music sheets from 1920's-1930's


ludo.jpg (16811 bytes)

Ludo game made by Spears games 1920's




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