All About Me

I am a Golli-holic......... It all began more years ago than I care to remember. I saw an advert in my "School Friend" comic which was offering ten Golly brooches free! I had no trouble collecting the required ten tokens as in those days there were few brands of jam to choose from and my mum always bought Robertsons. I remember sending off for a 1950's standard brooch which I pinned to my school blazer, I was so please with it and there it stayed, I even had my school photograph taken with it on. Sadly my interest waned when I discovered a new interest......Boys!

My interest was re-awakened in 1977 with the birth of my son Andrew. At first I made him a Golly doll and encouraged by this I started to send for more of the Robertsons badges. I collected the complete set of 1980's badges the first of which was a silver cowboy, that I found years later to be rather rare. At the beginning of the nineties I joined Keith Wilkinsons Golly club through this I have made many new friends, I didn't realise there were so many Golly addicts. I can pinpoint the day when I consider my addiction started....the new 1993 badges had just arrived and I pinned them all in my display frame, a friend came in and as we were both looking at them she suddenly screamed out...."Look! do you see it?" "what?" I asked, "look again"she replied, to my amazement I saw for the first time the white mouthed footballer, the only white mouth in twenty-one badges. Since then my addiction has gone from bad to worse, my telephone bills have doubled and my collection has grown and grown until I have had to move house! I considered having counselling but what the heck?.....why try to stop something I enjoy...and anyway I know I am in good company.