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A selection of chinaware, on the left is the new Doulton Millenium figure


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Child's Shelley tea set with Mable Lucy Attwell Bo Bo design 1928  


Doulton figures "The Nanny" and "Golliwogg" along with plate and egg cups from the 1930's


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Mug and egg cup from the 1950's made in England  


Susie cooper plate designed by Mable Lucy Attwell along with egg time and egg cup
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left to right: rubber squeaky toy, 1930's plate, 1920's money bank and 1930's money bank  


early child's feeding dishes and 1910 bone china child's mug


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child's full size tea set from the 1950's made by British Anchor playtime ware  


North Staffordshire pottery tea set
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Golliwogg's joy ride tea set  


1930's Empire ware children's set
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Turn of the century Florence Upton designed sugar bowl  


Golliwogg's joy ride cup and saucer


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1920's Ainsley china child's cup and saucer,


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Clarice Cliff plate illustrated by Joan Allen




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